Mid-America Plate Association

Region of ALPCA

At all MAPA meets, awards will be given for Best of Show and Favorite Plate. Longest distance traveled and ribbons for all displays.

April 2011 Awards

At the April 30th, 2011 meet at the Joliet Stone City VFW, there were 39 collectors present.

Best of Show- was awarded to Brian Sawyer for his A-Z single letter display.

Favorite Plate- went to Mike Naughton, displaying his 1912 Illinois Dealer plate.

Long distance- went to Vic Varady, from Maryville, Tennessee, a distance of 600 miles.

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August 2011 Awards

Best of Show- Joe Swanson for his run of Illinois #704 plates.

October 2011 Awards

At the October 2011 meet at the Joliet Stone City VFW there were 46 Members in attendence.

Best of Show- Al Matilus for his # 10,000 plates

Favorite plate- Earl Cheese New Jersey 1942 # E/Z 1 plate

Long distance- James Dowell from Florida


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