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Al Matulis ALPCA #983

When I first walked in to Al’s house in the very first room I was blown away with the impressive display of plates on the wall. From a #1 Mississippi, a #2 Illinois and various runs of 9999 plates. Things would just keep getting better as we made our way through the house room by room. Every wall has a theme, or type, like repeating numbers, numbers that match the year, color themes and more. Al has over 28,000 plates and about 99% documented on when and who he got a plate from and how much he paid, he is a very organized collector, something not always found in our hobby.

He has been a member since August of 1969, is a member of MAPA #111 and Europlate #777. He has been collecting almost 50 years and started when he was just 16 years old. Al has a thing for numbers and likes repeating, ascending, descending and other variations. Nearly every room in his house including the basement and storage place is filled with plates, the garage has hundreds of boards with plates mounted on them. Despite having this many plates it seems Al knows exactly where everything is, which is amazing! If you ever get a chance to visit I would highly recommend it, it is a sight to see.